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We are a dedicated law firm that, after 20 years of experience, continues to
build and evolve day by day…

About us

We are here because we have the capacity, experience and intuition to take a burden off our clients, in an honest and practical way,

guiding them on the best path.

Our differentiating value lies in the contrast between the human and the business with which we handle our specialties: complex litigation, arbitration, maritime litigation and economic criminal law.

What we do

We give the true meaning to the word customized.

Each case has its profile. We activate the type of intelligence that is necessary to address the challenges and objectives faced by each of our clients.

High Complexity

We stand out positively compared to other advisers, in the attention of complex cases. We deliver all our skills, knowledge and experience in these cases.

We Provide

We provide value to our clients, with a
representation that goes beyond meeting a term, we are your adequate legal support.

On a day-to-day basis, we anticipate potential conflict situations.


Our skills and experience of more than 20 years in litigation and arbitration, and our sectorial knowledge is recognized by the most important companies in the region.


We stand out positively compared to other advisers in the care of complex

cases. We contribute our skills, knowledge and experience.


Our team has vast proven experience in national and international litigation, mainly in the following areas:

Civil Litigation.
Commercial Litigation.
Contentious Administrative Litigation.
Constitutional Litigation.

Maritime Litigation

We have more than fifteen years of experience in maritime litigation, before the
Panamanian maritime jurisdiction, representing mainly shipowners, P&I Clubs and
shipping companies.

Our services, recognized as one of the best representations in Panama by the most reputable
rankings, include representation in maritime processes, arrest of ships, conservative or
general protection measures (injunction), lifting of kidnapping, among others.

National and International Arbitration

Our experience in national and international arbitrations includes various economic sectors,
such as construction, real estate, civil and commercial contracts, insurance, banking,
energy, companies, investments, contracts with the State, among others.

Economic Criminal Law

Financial Crimes: illicit financial transfers, manipulation of accounting and financial books, illicit asset capture, insider trading (insider information), manipulation of the stock market.

Money Laundering: autonomous laundering, laundering by third parties, laundering by
privileged status.
Economic Safety: false and reckless disclosure.
Crimes against the National Treasury: tax fraud.

Environmental Law

Environmental Procedures.
Environmental Criminal Proceedings.

Commercial Law and Contracts

We advise on the negotiation and correct drafting of civil, commercial and corporate
contracts; as well as in processes of mergers and acquisitions of companies. Anticipating
situations of potential conflict

Horizontal Property

We represent companies in the construction sector, property owners, developers, promoters,
and shopping centers.

Our advice is integral, in the process of incorporation of real estate, to the Horizontal
Property Regime, for Buildings, Shopping Centers, Residential, Original PH and Derivative


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